The Launch of The Daily Soapbox

The general election of December 2019 showed social media at its very worst. Twitter and Facebook were filled with nasty, vindictive and downright ugly abuse of anyone who didn't agree with the writer (and most of those writers were towards the left of the political spectrum). If you had taken the number and content of those posts, you would have concluded that Labour were on for a landslide victory, the Lib-Dems were going to score well and the Conservatives would be absolutely nowhere. Clearly there was a silent majority that voted with their ballot papers and not with their social media.

The Daily SoapboxWith this in mind, I decided it was time to speak up for the silent majority. Actually, future posts on here may not always speak for the majority but they will be putting forward a point of view that few others seem to want to express. Of course I could take my soapbox to Speaker's Corner in the time-honoured manner, stand up on it and expound my views there. But I live a long way from London, and anyway I would probably end up speaking to two drunks and a stray dog. I have bigger ambitions than that.

So here we have it: The Daily Soapbox. It won't actually have posts as frequent as daily, but I liked the title. Posts will come whenever I or someone else has something worthwhile to say.

All visitors are free to comment on the subjects posted here, and I hope there will be lots of them. I am a passionate believer in free speech so it matters not whether you agree or disagree, Indeed it would be really good to see well-reasoned comments of why I or other contributors are wrong, but please don't descend into meaningless abuse.

Philip Woolacott

7 Nov 2019