Racist? Really?

There seems to be a whole industry that has appeared dedicated to accusations of "racism" whenever any person who could possibly be perceived as "black" is criticised in any way. If anyone who is not "black" should dare to criticise anyone who is, whatever the reason, then they are a "racist" and their opinions are not valid. And the strange thing is that so many people swallow it. And so many people feel inhibited in what they say because of it.

The latest incarnation of this trend has been in the debate over the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Apparently the only reason the British press and the British people have been critical of the Duchess of Sussex (aka Meghan Markle) is because they are all "racists". Her friend Jessica Mulroney said on Instagram she "has been the target of 'racist bullies'" after the Duchess and Prince Harry were criticised for their recent use of private jets. Meanwhile Jameela Jamil (whoever she is, but she seems to think she's important) tweeted "Dear England and English press, just say you hate her because she's black, and him for marrying a black woman and be done with it." Black?

Now I really couldn't care whether a person is black, white, brown or sky-blue-pink with yellow dots, but it seems to matter to others so let's have a look at it.

Meghan Markle

 I think most of us could agree the woman on the left is "white" (ie of European origin) and the woman on the right is "black" (ie of African origin). But what about the one in the middle? Her hair is black, but so many women dye their hair, that's hardly definitive. In these photos at least her skin tone is lighter than the white woman. Her nose shape is similar to the white woman and her lips seem to fall between the two. So it's obvious: she's "black"! And according to the racist-callers, anyone who criticises her for anything is a "racist".

At this point, I really felt I had to look at the Duchess's family tree a little. Her father is evidently "white", with his own father's family being of Franco-German stock. Her mother appears to be "black", and although information on her family is fairly scanty I'm going to settle for assuming they were all "black". Therefore Meghan Markle is half-black and half-white and there is no sound reason to describe her as "black" unless you are determined to play the "racist" card at every opportunity.

This is not the first time "mixed-race" has metamorphosed into "black" of course. A few years ago everyone was banging on about "the first black president of the USA", yet Obama's mother was "white". So really Barack Obama was "the first half-black half-white president of the USA". Why did no-one say that?

On a slightly (very slightly) different note, it does seem that the House of Windsor does run into trouble whenever one of their number decides to marry an American divorcee. At least this time it's just the "spare" though, and not the "heir". Oh dear, is that racist? Is American a race?

17 Jan 2020